Minimog OS 2.0
Minimog OS 2.0 is compatible with Online store 2.0

2.3.0 - 2021/11/16

  • New home GYM - Dark theme
  • New Flash sale with countdown timer, see video
  • New discount offer mechanism: Discount by discount code
  • Fix number slides per group on mobile
  • Fix slider adapt height
  • Fix sort by products on mobile
  • Fix slider with video on mobile
  • Remove variant id parameter from product URL when the initial load
  • Setting enable/disable cart drawer
  • Show custom properties on cart drawer
  • Multiple languages supported for FoxKit's texts
  • Add help text for discount code input
  • Allows Countdown timer section on every page
  • Optimize code

2.2.1 - 2021/11/04

  • New demo BFCM
  • Add "Agree with the terms & conditions" checkbox for subscribe form, register form and checkout button
  • Add block Breadcrumb & Image to Product information section
  • Missing translation for Copy button
  • Fix header text color with dark background
  • Check required fields before adding product to cart when ajax disabled
  • Fix Lucky wheel layout when RTL enabled
  • Collapsible tab doesn’t expand if a review widget inside
  • Featured product section broken layout if product’s media contain video
  • Payment icons do not stackable on mobile
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Update product type in the product information block
  • Add link to vendor page
  • Update some missing translations
  • Update stock countdown settings
  • Update setting limit product title by line
  • Update height option "Adapt to image" for Collection header section
  • Show "Days" for evergreen countdown timer

2.2.0 - 2021/10/25

  • New demo Pan
  • New demo Paint
  • Right-to-left supported
  • Fix quickview popup when the product has no images
  • Fix missing style in the activate account page
  • Fix play video button does not work on mobile
  • Fix add to cart error with custom fields
  • Fix Blog posts section settings
  • Fix slides per group on mobile of Featured collection & Collections list sections
  • Fix banner link in mega menu
  • Fix total price in product bundles
  • Fix slideshow button on mobile does not work
  • Fix sorting does not work when filters disabled
  • Fix Quantity discount does not show on the customize
  • Fix checkout button in Pre-purchase does not work
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Refactor cart drawer
  • Update SKU & Availability when switching variant
  • Disable cache columns view in the customizer
  • Update option to disable hover effect for Collections list and Image with text sections
  • Autoplay video on product page
  • Update colors with labels in filter widget
  • Update button link for popup
  • Update missing locales
  • Optimize scripts

2.1.2 - 2021/10/10

  • Add custom recommendations products to Fox Kit and product section
  • Integrate with Growave app
  • Integrate with Product Reviews app
  • Integrate with Loox Product Reviews & Photos app
  • Add setting menu for mobile
  • Add setting to set placeholder image for product card
  • Fix discounted price is not correct after changing currency
  • Setting price colors doesn't work
  • Fix filters to hide tags that have no products
  • Fix filter widget collapsible
  • Fix Slideshow responsive
  • Fix variants selector does not work with Google translate
  • Fix Brand list slider doesn't autoplay
  • Checkout with the current locale
  • Setting action for Select options button in product card
  • Change collection's title & description when filtered
  • Update option to add link for image in Slideshow section
  • Update option to add link for image in Image with text overlay section
  • Update option to set option title which will show the button size guide
  • Update Discord & Whatsapp to socials list
  • Update new field phone number and setting to show/hide fields to contact form
  • Update product URL in Sales notifications
  • Update search settings & search conditions
  • Update option for Custom product tabs section
  • Update truncate title settings in product card

2.1.1 - 2021/09/25

  • Add color setting for product title
  • Add link option for block image
  • Add Tiktok to social list
  • Add option to show product options swatch in product card
  • Add new section Featured product built with dynamic blocks
  • Add Breadcrumb section
  • Fix featured product slider section
  • Fix cart discounts doesn't show on the first load
  • Fix Product Tabs section broken layout when slider enabled
  • Fix quick view product on mobile
  • Fix product media for layout 5
  • Fix product bundle block in Custom Content section
  • Fix Ask a question form
  • Fix product variants selector
  • Update missing translations
  • Update option height "Adapt to image" for Hero section
  • Update collapsible option for filter by tags widget
  • Update option to show Sticky add-to-cart bar on desktop and mobile separately

2.1.0 - 2021/09/20

  • Add 2 new demo Speakers store & Gift cards store
  • Filter by custom tags
  • Load more & Infinite loading on the collection page
  • Add 2 more product card styles
  • Add option to show/hide product media thumbnails on mobile
  • Add option to custom payment icons
  • Add option to show/hide columns switcher
  • Add option to set default variant swatch design
  • Add date of birth field to Lucky wheel
  • Add custom field to product form
  • Fix discount value of quantity discount
  • Fix product bundles section
  • Fix displays setting for Popup & Lucky Wheel
  • Fix layout orders page
  • Fix product media layout
  • Customize product information by dynamic blocks. See video
  • Update gift card layout
  • Update Instagram section to show carousel post
  • Slideshow height adapt to image on mobile
  • Compatible with Growave app
  • New lazy load mechanism
  • Optimize CSS/JS
  • Improve performance

2.0.2 - 2021/09/03

  • Fix product filters on mobile
  • Fix collection sorting
  • Fix copy button in popup
  • Fix slider height on mobile
  • Fix product media height with many different aspect ratios
  • New method for Free shipping goal
  • Update max value for stock countdown
  • Adjust breakpoint to change header layout
  • Update settings for app blocks
  • Update custom classes field for sections
  • Section collapsible tabs on every page
  • Section product recommendations for custom product template
  • Translate texts from FoxKit

2.0.1 - 2021/08/30

  • Fix product image on mobile
  • Fix search result heading
  • Fix Instagram image sorting
  • Fix add to cart button in product card style 2
  • Fix product media
  • Fix slide with video background
  • Update collections list page
  • Update option hide mobile sticky bar
  • Update product layout
  • Update product variants swatch
  • Update option to hide Google map
  • Update height option for slider
  • Default open product tab on mobile
  • Add product short description
  • Add grid layout for featured collection section on mobile
  • Add grid layout for collections list section on mobile
  • Add review badge for product card
  • Add on sale badge for product card
  • Add discounted price by percentage for product card
  • Add collapsible tabs section
  • Add custom liquid section
  • Add custom liquid block for product tabs
  • Add 20+ demo data to install on Fox Kit

2.0.0 - 2021/08/23

  • Compatible with Online store 2.0
  • Sections on every page
  • Dynamic source
  • App blocks support
  • New product filters by Shopify
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